About The Project

LoanBit is a P2P lending and investments platform with safety fund, especial verification system and cooperation with world-wide arbitrations.  LoanBit is a multi-currency platform that supports everything from fiat currencies to the latest cryptocurrencies. It allows you to send money in an encrypted format and secure it with state-of-the art security measures.

This is a peer to peer network that offers a robust investment platform and allows participants to get a loan in a currency of their choice.  Add to it the integrated exchange available on this P2P lending platform and the worldwide arbitration support, and you have got a winner here.

LoanBit offers an armor of a protection for the lenders. It safeguards the interests of the lenders in the community by covering up to 75% of the loan.  Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Be a part of this revolutionary idea that is all set to transform the world.

Our Features

Advantage of the Project


Security System




With Arbitration

Development of LoanBit Platform
(Road Map)

  • 2016


    (September - October)

    Market Research

    (October - December)

  • 2017

    (1Q 2017)

    Formation of founders team Business plan

    (2Q 2017)

    Start of Platform

    (3Q 2017)

    Landing page

    (4Q 2017)


  • 2018

    (1Q 2018)

    Presentation MVP

    (2Q 2018)

    Launch the
    Platform in
    Full mode

    (4Q 2018)


Details of the Token and ICO


Token - LBT

Platform - Ethereum

Type - ERC20

Supply - 37,000,000 LBT

Distributed in ICO - 85%

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ICO Details

Start - Apr 2, 2018

Closed - May 31, 2018

Accepting - ETH, BTC, USD

Price - 1 LBT = 1.00 USD

Minimum investment - 10 USD

Bonus - up to 35%

ICO is over

LoanBit Token (LBT) will be created on the Ethereum platform with ERC20 standard. LBT is an internal platform token that gives access to the listings and will be used to pay commissions on the LoanBit platform.
Repurchase of LBT
We plan to make quarterly repurchase of tokens starting as at 2018. 50% of issued tokens will be repurchased. LBT will be repurchased at the market price at the date of redemption, but not lower than the ICO price.

Distribution of Tokens

The issued tokens will be distributed as follows:


For participants of Pre-Sale and ICO


Reserved for the team.


Reserved for the consultants.


Bounty campaign


Bounty campaign of signatures


Facebook and Twitter Campaig.


Publications in blogs.


Translation into other languages

Core Team

Misha Osaula

(Co-Founder & CEO)

Has more than 6 years of experience in creating and
implementing online projects.

Aleksandr Gryaznykh

(Co-Founder & CFO)

Has more than 7 years of experience in the finance and has worked in the banking sector. Over five years, he worked as an auditor in the international audit company. In the last few years, he was engaged in corporate finance.

Dmitriy Kotikov

(Co-Founder & CTO)

Has more than 8 years of experience in IT. The main areas of activity are software development, development and support of data warehouses, development and support of mobile applications.

Anton Mitrokhin

(Strategic Development)

Analyst and business developer with over 10 years of cross-disciplinary experience in business and technology strategy.

Our Advisors

Simon Cocking


Simon Cocking is a business mentor and advisor, top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (ranked at #1 / 18,000). He also been named many global Twitter influencer. He is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, Southern Star, IBM, G+D, and others.

Vladimir Nikitin


Vladimir Nikitin is the Co-founder of Top ICO Advisor, an accomplished legal consultant, ICO advisor, Blockchain cryptocurrency specialist and a member of several Board of Directors.
A listed Blockchain Expert on the ICObench (TOP-7).

Suumit Shah

Advisor Digital marketing expert.

A Digital Marketer by profession, and a traveler at heart. The Director of a hugely successful SEO Agency in Mumbai called Risemetric with multi million dollar start ups as their clients and several other start-ups under the main brand. He is an accomplished affiliate marketer, SEO expert.

Steven Krohn


Website Traffic Generation. Social Media Influencer. Sales Expert Online Marketing Consultant. He is a highly respected online marketing consultant and social media influencer. He is the founder of Krohn Media, a boutique digital marketing agency located in Fort Worth, TX.

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